Tuesday, August 10, 2010

So I know I promised a poem...

..And I will post one! Soon, I promise. But for now, a funny anecdote.

So I was at the mall with my mom, my sister, and my two brothers. The lady who parked next to us had a couple bumper stickers that were really funny. Me and my brothers were pointing out our favorites. Mine was "Give al-Qeada a chance. Vote Obama 08". My brother goes "I like the one on the left". It read "Impeach Obama". I mean yeah, I liked it, but it wasn't as funny as the other ones, so I was like 'Why?". Ken laughs and goes "They're calling him a fruit. I'm peach Obama, hahahaha!!" We started laughing sooo hard, and explained that it says "impeach" not "i'mpeach". Ken goes "Oh, I thought they just forgot the apostrophe."

Things like this make me love kids even more.

Poem before school! Promise!

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