Saturday, July 2, 2011


Breeze on the harbor,
Birds on the shore.
Maybe it's fine,
But I pine,
For something a bit more.

Sun in the distance,
Stars in the sky.
I can't place when,
But now and then,
I get the urge to cry;

For times long past,
For something long ago.
For soft summer days,
Spent in fun-loving ways,
Before winter came with snow.

A Place For Everything

Birds got their mama,
Flitting through the trees,
Protecting them from bugs and such,
Scarin' 'way the bees.

Fish got the river,
Giving them life,
Moving 'em, hiding 'em
From trouble and strife.

Pennies got the couch cushions,
Blinds got the sil,
Bogeymen got the under-bed,
Tips got the bill.

All I got is my bed,
And this pen, and this book,
My lamp and my pillow
In my own little nook.

Collecting Dust

You're a real boy now,
You have everything you wanted;

The grades, the friends,
The girls, You've pushed
Away your ghosts that haunted.

Now you don't see me
Anymore, I guess
Trade the old for new,

But a small part
Of me hoped and
Wished it'd be different with you.

It's like I was never here
But you're o.k.
I'm there so you're
The other way,

You make me burn,
You're bad for my health.

It's like your faerie forgot
All about me
And now you're gone,
But can't you see
I'm still a puppet on the shelf;
Feeling sorry for myself.

You walk and talk,
You speak out loud now,
Inhibitions gone.

Like summer's here,
You're at the beach,
While I'm stuck on the lawn.

Why can't you see?
You're still the same,
And sadly, so am I.

But perhaps you're not,
'Cuz you moved on
And I still sometimes Cry.

This kind of thing only
Happens in dreams, right?
Boy meets girl, and I'm
A memory, right?

But why did things have to change?
Get back your strings, relearn my name...

It's like I was never here,
But you're okay,
'Cuz I never mattered

Just throw me out just
When you feel you can!

It's like a house dropped, a world fell,
All around me,
And I won't go,
And you won't see,
I'm just a puppet you left when you ran
For your life and for her hand.

You're a real boy now.

By Myself at 11 o'clock

As the sky goes midnight blue,
A pleasant, even, cheerful hue,
I lie on the bed I know I made.

And while it slowly sinks down there,
The blazing sun without care
I envy even as it starts to fade.

All is calm and so slowed down,
And it take Ill I have to not frown,
'Cuz twilight always seems so sad to me.

But as I settle into bed now
Sometimes--and I don't know how--
A longing for the daybreak seems to be

Wishful thinking or a memory.


Rain trickles, skin prickles,
Frozen on the window pane.
I look out, I look about
As their car drives down the lane.

As the car goes too far
For me to clearly see,
Rain falls down, and all around
Is a crushing feeling- 'lonely'.

My days run together, on forever,
Wet tears collecting on the ground.
I watch rain drop without a stop
Til I can't hear the haunting sound.

Why My Nails Are Always Painted

Shiny lacquer
On the surface
Exudes femininity.

Even-toned and
Ultra-chic, it's
So smooth and so pretty.

But all it is
Is a hard shell
For the world to see, to view,

A shiny suit
Of armor protecting
The actors and their cues.

Like silk curtain to
A theater, they
Shine and shimmer bright--

But spotlights on
A stage are only
An ersatz source of light.


Ladies who are sarcastic
Must expect sarcasm back;
Ladies who are indelicate
Must expect a smack.
Ladies who primp and fuss
Must expect the label 'vain';
Ladies who hurt others
Must expect a bit of pain.
Ladies who avoid their love
Must expect he won't be in the room;
Ladies who water their pillows by night
Must not expect flowers to bloom.


You live, you thrive;
I sit and hide.
You talk and speak;
I only think.
You light up the room;
I give off gloom.
You're warm and bright;
And I'm the night.
You glow like the sun;
While I'm "No Fun!"
Got light I lack;
I just refract.
You're sun on the dune;
I'm pale as the moon.
And while you glow
And brightly show
Yourself for all to see,

5 Day Rush

1st period starts, I'm ready to go.
1st period ends and I'm starting to slow.
2nd period comes and I'm already dead,
There's a twitch in my eyes and an ache in my head.
Now that it's luch and my energy's gone,
And I really want to relax on my lawn
With a book and a coke and an egg roll or such,
3rd period's here, I'm not asking for much!
And now it's 4th period, I'm going insane,
Because in my head there's a rock that was my brain,
And after 7 hours I have Driver's Ed,
And I'd get hysterical at the sight of a bed.
Now that it's 8 I am almost done,
Just got a bit of homework that's so much fun,
Then sleep; seven hours of catch some zen
Til I do it tomorrow all over again.

Once Upon A Time

I never much wanted a castle
A glass slipper or a rose.
I played with spindles and needles
And thought 'happy' appripo.

I never much wanted a knight
Riding off on his white horse.
I was content to think and learn and grow
And let nature take its course.

Now isn't it just fitting
That a self-proclaimed realist would be
Caught up at 16 in faerie tales
And love without a fee?

Evil always seemed to go
But faerie tales, the lie.
The Bad Guy isn't always bad
and the Heroine can cry.

So sorry about the lack of posts

Summer's been gooooood to me. But get ready for a veritable literary blitzkrieg. Starting now.