Saturday, July 2, 2011

Collecting Dust

You're a real boy now,
You have everything you wanted;

The grades, the friends,
The girls, You've pushed
Away your ghosts that haunted.

Now you don't see me
Anymore, I guess
Trade the old for new,

But a small part
Of me hoped and
Wished it'd be different with you.

It's like I was never here
But you're o.k.
I'm there so you're
The other way,

You make me burn,
You're bad for my health.

It's like your faerie forgot
All about me
And now you're gone,
But can't you see
I'm still a puppet on the shelf;
Feeling sorry for myself.

You walk and talk,
You speak out loud now,
Inhibitions gone.

Like summer's here,
You're at the beach,
While I'm stuck on the lawn.

Why can't you see?
You're still the same,
And sadly, so am I.

But perhaps you're not,
'Cuz you moved on
And I still sometimes Cry.

This kind of thing only
Happens in dreams, right?
Boy meets girl, and I'm
A memory, right?

But why did things have to change?
Get back your strings, relearn my name...

It's like I was never here,
But you're okay,
'Cuz I never mattered

Just throw me out just
When you feel you can!

It's like a house dropped, a world fell,
All around me,
And I won't go,
And you won't see,
I'm just a puppet you left when you ran
For your life and for her hand.

You're a real boy now.

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