Saturday, July 2, 2011

5 Day Rush

1st period starts, I'm ready to go.
1st period ends and I'm starting to slow.
2nd period comes and I'm already dead,
There's a twitch in my eyes and an ache in my head.
Now that it's luch and my energy's gone,
And I really want to relax on my lawn
With a book and a coke and an egg roll or such,
3rd period's here, I'm not asking for much!
And now it's 4th period, I'm going insane,
Because in my head there's a rock that was my brain,
And after 7 hours I have Driver's Ed,
And I'd get hysterical at the sight of a bed.
Now that it's 8 I am almost done,
Just got a bit of homework that's so much fun,
Then sleep; seven hours of catch some zen
Til I do it tomorrow all over again.

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