Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Quick Thought Before Bed

As I lay in bed this night
I think until, to my delight
My mind goes blank and soft and slow
And I can feel me letting go.
My head sinks and my body sleeps
And my mind and soul the Dreamland keeps.

An Essay To the Idiots in the School System

What an ugly word.
What an unkind word.
How dreary is that perfect ploy
To be caught; society's little toy.
To know you can't measure up,
To know you don't have what it takes,
To know that it is not enough,
To know no one expects you to make

The word is blasphemy.
Fills me with apathy.
All cold and calculated,
Knowing that you're fated
To live a life of misery,
To be somebody's little pawn,
To want but never get it all,
Not not be someone to fawn

Expounding a horrid lie.
Making one folks will buy.
"It's true, you never have to fall,
Just fix your hair and have a ball!
Who cares about the consequences!
Who cares what tomorrow will be!
Who cares what and who you trample on,
As long as you Perfect Perfection Perfectly--
Like Me."

My bad...?

So I've been lazy. But not really! Cuz I've been writing! Just not posting. Sorry! But I've like...a couple that I haven't posted. So I'll post 'em over the next couple days.