Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Part 1 of your promise

O.k., I'm not as busy now! WE FINISHED EDITING THE STORY!!!!! WHOOT!!!!!!!!!!!! And I finished the next two units for my online PE class!!! So, I'll post a book review! (Or rather, 3!!)

I just finished books 1-3 of the Knight and Rogue series by Hilari Bell. Fan. Freaking. Tastic!!!!!!!!!!!! (Note: The narrators (Fisk and Michael) switch every chapter)

Book 1: The Last Knight

My Review: 4.8/5 stars.
I loved this book! Michael and Fisk (especially Fisk) are amazing! The plot was interesting and kept me hooked! And laughing! And cheering!

Book 2: Rogue's Home

My Review: 4.7/5
I loved this almost as much as the first one. It was a tiny, tiny, TINY bit hard to get into, but once you do, WOW!!! This one focuses on Fisk, too!!!!!!! Yay! I love Fisk! And Michael! And Fisk!!!

Book 3: Player's Ruse

My review: 4.9/5
As close to perfect as a book can be!!!!!! Even more amazing than the first and second ones, and that's saying something!!!! This one was so intricantly woven that I didn't put it down until I was finished. At 2:45. Whoops, prolly shouldn't put that on my blog... (Gomen Nasai, Kaa-san! I promise to never do it again!) I cried at the end!!!! (For like 2 seconds, but still!) Here's to another one! I have so long to wait, this one came out Jan 2010. *cries* *eats ice cream* *loves Fisk so much!!*

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