Thursday, December 8, 2011

Just Ask For Directions

Come help me and
We can wash
Reality away.

When real life
Takes a break, then
Fantasy comes out to play.

Dreams and wonder,
Clouds and glass,
Roses and true love,

Because you know that
It's hard to stay grounded when
Dreaming of what's above.

And there's no map, no GPS,
And nothing's quite
Like it seems,

Because it's so easy
To get so lost when you
Wander around in daydreams.

Stuck on what
Could be and on
What might maybe happen,

It's so nice to
Slowly sink before
Reality pulls you back in.

So I'll fantasize
And theorize
About all my dreams, and hope,

'Cause it kills me softer
Than the gun and
Quicker than the rope.

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