Thursday, November 4, 2010

Reflections While Sitting on a Curb

I sit down on the corner,
And watch people go by.
And as I watch them pass by me,
I cannot help but sigh.
I watch the groups of people
In couples, or in threes,
But throughout these swarms of people,
There's no one alone like me.
I tell myself that it's ok,
That I don't mind at all.
"How exhausting," I think, "to so constantly be
At somebody's beck and call."
I laugh as it hits me, "How lucky am I?
To live without some to care for?
To exist without cares, rules, or plans,
Responisbility-ha! What a bore."
I sit on the sidewalk corner,
"How carefree and happy am I!"
And my heart is cheered while my brain is sad,
Because it knows one of them is telling a lie.
I watch the couples walk along
The grassy path in the park,
While the happy pairs of hummingbirds
Pound on the oak tree's bark,
And I think:
"In this world, as big as it is,
How fortunate am I.
For I have no one to gaze at the clouds with
Or count up the stars in the sky.
How lucky I am, how carefree and happy,
How fortunate, how blessed am I,
Because, though I have no one to love,
I won't ever have to say 'goodbye'."

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