Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The process of finding a name... harder than it looks. Here's a time-by-time replay of my English class (When I wrote this):

Names??? Hmm... options:
Cardboard Poet
Reluctant Poet
The Poet Speaks


Ugg. THis is harder than I thought. I don't want something faux-deep. Hmm...something straight-forward and kinda snarky. Something easy to spell...


Ah! Thesaurus Time!


Hmm, but what do I look up?


Scratch that idea. I can't reach the shelf where my teacher keeps the thesauruses.


I'm going to go with Cardboard Poet. I like it. It's kinda...Me.

A poet who doesn't write mushy crap or depressing drivel. Cardboard is everywhere, high or low, from moving boxes of movie stars to homes for those without them. Cardboard sees, it observes. That's me.

A Cardboard Poet.

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